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Still need a school supply list? The library may have it! 
And to help you get started youth in grades K-12th can pick up a free School Supply Starter Pack. (one per person, while supplies last) 
Bristol Elementary & High Schools, Bloomfield-Mespo Elementary, Champion Elementary & Middle Schools, Maplewood Elementary and Southington Schools available.

What's all the hoopla

hoopla puts your public library at your fingertips. Anytime. Everywhere!
Borrow and enjoy audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies, TV, magazines, or music everywhere you have a screen-your computer, your phone, your car, even your TV. All you need is your Bristol Public Library card. 

Come Celebrate

Monday, May 2nd – Friday, May 6th
Children Ages 0 – 6th Grade

Receive 1 Prize Drawing Ticket for each youth book checked out during the week. Tickets will be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

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