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About Bristolville

This article is part of the Hollister House Museum pamphlet written by Leah Hubbard, a long time resident of Bristol Township and the wife of the late Dr. Marshall Hubbard, D.V.M.  This article was written a few years ago.

Part of the original Connecticut Western Reserve, Bristolville is a small town on State Route #45, twelve miles north of Warren, Ohio.  Abraham Baughman built a log cabin for his family here in 1804.  William Sager and other settlers from the Shenandoah Valley soon followed.  Game was plentiful and there was fast flowing streams for water power.  By 1830 Bristolville was a bustling community.

Bristolville history includes the stories of many outstanding citizens.

One native son, John Henry Kagy (1835 - 1859), an abolitionist, was John Brown's ablest follower He was killed in 1859 by the U.S. Marines in the famous raid at Harper's Ferry.

In 1913 a native daughter and outstanding physicist, Margaret Maltby, Ph.D. (1860 -1944), was listed in "Men" of Science for devising a method of measuring rapid electric oscillations and conductivity.

Benjamin Chapin (1873-1918) was a nationally known Lincoln impersonator. He lived in the Hubbard "Century Home" next to the Hollister House Museum.

In 1858, Bristolville made national news when fifty local women, tired of their drunken mates, fathers, sons, brothers, etc., took the law into their own hands. With hatchets they wrecked the grocery and "spirits" store of Mr. Miller.   They pummeled him and let the contents of his barrels flow onto the floor.  In court, the ladies were fined one dollar.

While in Bristolville, you should plan to visit Dr. Brinkerhoff's office, The Library with its museum and Shirley's Antiques.  Addresses are on the panel with the map. Dr. Brinkerhoff's office is restored to represent a medical office circa 1887.   After visiting, you'll be glad you live in the twentieth century. The Library Museum contains fine collections of items of historical importance to Bristolville. Items include a memento saved by an early settler -- the skull of a deer pierced by an Indian projectile point still embedded and a series of fourteen etched glass divider-panels that depict early Bristolville buildings and scenes.

To serve our 3,090 citizens, Bristolville has:  a Post Office and excellent Library; a public school that has turned out able graduates since 1888; four churches and three taverns, three beauty salons and one tattoo parlor, Mahan's large meat packing company, two feed stores, and a few small nurseries, Cook's fine grocery store and a Mini Mart, five cemeteries (three are pioneer) and three museums; a doctor's office and an insurance agency, available building supplies and Bix Furniture Stripping Co.; a pizza shop across from the school; two camp grounds with swimming areas and a beautiful New England style park (village green) at the Center.

We welcome YOU to share the wonders of our village.